Engineered Wood

engineered wood productsAt Huskey Truss & Building Supply, engineered wood is one of our best products. Engineered wood is often better for construction projects than your standard lumber. Engineered wood not only eliminates waste but is also constructed in such a way that cuts down on installation time. Each joist is labeled for quick and accurate installation and can be fitted with holes for mechanical installations. We offer a few different varieties of engineered wood, including:

  • I-Joist
  • LVL Beams
  • LSL Lumber
  • And GluLams

When you need engineered wood in Middle Tennessee, always think of the experts at Huskey Truss & Building Supply first.

Engineered Wood Middle Tennessee

Engineered wood is an engineered material made from wood chips, strands, veneers, and fibers that are bonded together with adhesives under intense heat and pressure. This creates a strong, stable product that is ideal for construction projects. It is often used in place of solid wood because engineered wood is more resistant to warping and splitting when exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. Additionally, engineered wood offers manufacturing consistency, greater strength at thinner gauges, and the ability to customize design aesthetics with color-stained profiles, end matches, and different grain patterns. With all its advantages, engineered wood has become an increasingly popular choice for builders everywhere.

Is Engineered Wood Right For My Project?

Engineered wood can be a great choice for projects where structural elements require sturdiness while being aesthetically pleasing. This engineered wood is designed to provide strength and durability without sacrificing its appealing aesthetic. It is often more cost-efficient than natural wood, and because engineered wood usually comes with a pre-finished surface, it is an ideal choice for those who need to conserve time. However, there may be better answers than engineered wood when working in extremely humid environments since this type of engineered product tends to expand and warp when exposed to intense moisture. Ultimately, engineered wood offers great value that should be noticed when considering what materials are right for your project.

Engineered Wood Near Me

When you’ve decided on engineered wood in Middle Tennessee, including Franklin, Mt. Juliet, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas, call the engineered wood experts at Huskey Truss & Building Supply. We can walk you through choosing the right engineered wood for your project and get your products faster than you might think possible. At Huskey Truss & Building Supply, we have the specialized equipment and know-how to get you the exact right engineered wood for your project!

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